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Bat removal Chicago has become a service that is a company specialty. Bats are always removed safely with no harm or killing of any bats in the house. While a removal of bats from a home, there can be one bat present or there could be an entire colony in the attic. There are three factors that determine the bat removal and this includes: how big the colony is, the type of bat species and also the architecture of the house. When all of the bats have been safely removed from the home, the bat guano that is a bio-hazard risk to a persons health is thoroughly cleaned up. The bats that usually seek a place to live are females because they need a space to produce their young. This is known as maternity colonies and can become quite large. If any bat colony goes undetected the number of bats will increase into large amounts and cause many problems. The main problem of bats being in a home is all of the guano droppings that they leave behind.
Raccoon removal Chicago can be common and also cause many problems for home owners. Some of these problems can include: killing or threatening of family pets, tipping over garbage cans for food, and the raccoon can take food from a pet. Raccoon’s will live in either in an attic or a chimney. The main cause for entering a house is to find a safe place to live and raise their young. Raccoon’s can enter a home by making a hole in the roof to get into the attic, chimney or inside the walls. Raccoon’s will cause a lot of damage until they reach a place to live. Females are the main raccoon’s that will break into a house in order to raise their young. Unfortunately with the female raccoon and her young they can produce a lot of havoc to a home including damage to house, producing a lot of noise and there is a possibility of parasites and diseases that can spread to pets and also people that live in the home. When the raccoon’s are caught they are relocated to a safe place.

Raccoon removal Chicago
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Squirrel removal Chicago is extremely common in Chicago and normally are removed from attics. Squirrels do cause problems in a home like chewing on electrical wires, wood work and drywall. Baby squirrels have been known to fall down walls and are unable to get out of the wall. The females that live in the attic of a home usually stay there due to they normally have two liters per year. Within a month after the birth of a liter the young are able to start running around causing some noise. Multiple break ins are common with a house because the female has two liters a year and leaves when the young are old enough. When the squirrels are humanly removed they become relocated to a safer place the areas of the squirrels entrance is fixed to prevent other break-ins.